My name is Brandi Murray and I am the brainchild behind LimtdEdition Styling. 


Born in Miami, Florida, I moved to the City Beautiful in 2003 in pursuit of a Bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice. Graduating almost 5 years later, I quickly obtained a job in the field while still managing to wake up everyday with a feeling of emptiness. A feeling that I had made the wrong choice in the most important time of my life. 


Fast forward a few working years later and a friend of mine [Lawnette you will forever be in my story] offered me the opportunity to assist her in one of the biggest events in that stage of her career. She had long declared her love for fashion while I merely peeked through the covers at mine. But that was it...that was the day I KNEW that what I had done so far, the job I worked and the degree I held, was not the way my story was supposed to end...


and LimtdEdition Styling was born!


So here I am...where will you allow fashion to take you?